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At Eyes on Providence we combine the best possible mix of professional optometry with an exclusive style-matching service.

Our comprehensive eye care service, treatment options, and management plans are designed for optimal internal and external eye health and vision. We cater to the individual needs of each and every patient. And with expert staff to give you personalized attention when it comes to choosing your frames, we do so much more than simply checking your vision and giving you a prescription.

This is a complete package.

Skill to Heal

Eye Exams

A Critical Step

Eyes are an amazing part of the human body, not only do they provide most of your sensory data, they can also show you the first signs of chronic and life-threatening diseases (Diabetes, high blood pressure, arterial blockage, and high cholesterol just to name a few).

Clear Vision

The best medical care

for your eyes.

Eye conditions can be as common as pink eye, or as serious as glaucoma. Whenever you have an issue with your eyes your whole day-to-day life is affected and you want to seek immediate medical attention. Come and see us. We’re experts in all of the various diseases that can affect the eye and we’ll give you the medical attention you need.

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Invisible Style

The Best Contact Lenses as Needed

While stylish frames can be a great accessory for any outfit, sometimes we want to look natural. Using the most advanced contact lens technology, we will get you a comfortable set of contacts that will give you the sharpest vision. When you can correct you vision with contacts why wear glasses that don’t fit your style?


Customized styling sessions and designer frames

East Cobb’s trendsetters know exactly where to get their custom eyewear and designer frames and now you can join them. We’re the premiere eyewear boutique in Marietta.

Whether you’re looking for luxury sunglasses, exclusive custom eyewear or a complete image overhaul, you’ll find your perfect look with our huge range of premium brand frames and styling experts.

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